Robots that build the world.

Branding, Communications, and Design.

During the branding for Built Robotics, I created a purposeful, no-nonsense brand for a startup that aims to build the future of construction. Touchpoints included construction vehicles, clothing, print, and digital.


What will construction look like in a generation? Built Robotics develops solutions for the toughest problems in the industry.

Their first vehicle is autonomous, smart, and efficient: the ATL-74R. It takes the latest sensors from self-driving cars, retrofits it into proven equipment from the job site, and develops a suite of autonomous software designed specifically for the requirements of construction and earthmoving.

I have been working along with Built to develop branding, vehicle livery, and photography for the brand both for today and tomorrow.

Project summary

Additional partners

Maku Creative, Bilal Khan, Ryan Cashman

Designer, Creative Director, Developer, and Photographer
April 2017 — Ongoing