Robots that build the world.

Branding, Communications, and Design.

During the branding for Built Robotics, I created a purposeful, no-nonsense brand for a startup that aims to build the future of construction. Touchpoints included construction vehicles, clothing, print, and digital.


What will construction look like in a generation? Built Robotics develops solutions for the toughest problems in the industry.

Their first vehicle is autonomous, smart, and efficient: the ATL-74R. It takes the latest sensors from self-driving cars, retrofits it into proven equipment from the job site, and develops a suite of autonomous software designed specifically for the requirements of construction and earthmoving.

I have been working along with Built to develop branding, vehicle livery, and photography for the brand both for today and tomorrow.


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The 45R Book

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Additional partners

Maku Creative, Bilal Khan, Ryan Cashman

Designer, Creative Director, Developer, and Photographer
April 2017 — Ongoing