Built Robotics Branding Logo

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Size Hinting

Part of the issue of customizing letterforms is that the customizations can disappear at smaller sizes. By having a projection, we can maintain a visual prominence that isn’t lost as much when the logo is smaller.

The Ziggurat

The angled-yellow block serves as a “stamp” or seal. It cannot be understated the power of stamping on ownership. In fact, from the time of the Babylonians and ziggurats, cylinder seals were used to turn a general document into an “owned” communication from a monarch. Seals have existed in Medieval Europe, Qing China, the Ottoman Court, and on modern wedding invitations. This is our take. By utilizing the wingtip integrated into the ziggurat form, the stamp can be the finishing touch to most designs.

Logo Shape and Character Adjustments

The column shape manifests the classicism of a Doric capital: stability, symmetry, and strength. The balance of the wingtips helps resolve a long-standing imbalance found in the previous logo which tilted heavily to the right. While optically balanced for the typeface, the L and T letterform bars felt thin and inconsequential in relation to the heavier letters like B and U. They’ve been thickened to give more overall balance. Likewise, to preserve the symmetry of “ears” and the uniqueness of the wingtip motif, the angled cut on the L has been removed.

The Wingtip Cut

The wingtip can be utilized as the general rule for angles and cuts that can carry over throughout the entire system of the brand. It is a 60° angle. We’ve already used cuts or “dips” in material like the livery. However, now, they will tie back into the logo more obviously and be formally recognized.