Lippicott says good brands have signature cues that concentrate a brand into something tangible and can fundamentally be considered as a sign or signifier of the whole business. What is signified can vary dramatically. Examples form Lippincott include:

  1. Scent: the wood-infused interior of a Rolls Royce
  2. Sound: sonic signature of Intel
  3. Visual: the silhouette of iPod advertising
  4. Touch: the touch of Lycra
  5. Shape: classic Coca-cola bottle
  6. Voice: “Thank you for jetting with us” from JetBlue
  7. The behavior of people: the well-trained baristas of Starbucks
  8. Service: 24/7 customer service from Zappos
  9. Product uniqueness: the left-handed ignition of a Porsche
  10. Ritual: insisting on a lime wedge when drinking a Corona
  11. Color: the distinctive blue box from Tiffany